Oh Light – Book

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This is a project of the Disability, Spirituality and Faith Network Aotearoa / New Zealand, a small but passionate group who believed it was time the spiritual and human perspective of people with disabilities was heard. And oh what wonderful gifts they have shared with us in this book. They write, reflect, pray and paint out of the depths of the anguish, the exhilaration, the despair, often with a sense of humour, the insight and the accomplishments of their ordinary human lives.

These collected works illuminate not the differences between people of varied abilities but our shared humanity. Wisdom, humour, imagination, artistry – these are qualities which bind us together as a people. ‘Oh Light’ lifts us out of our preoccupation with difference, with right ways of being and wrong ways of being. It introduces the reader to a world where the human spirit gets on with job of living with grace and gratitude. There is definitely something in this book that will speak to you

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